BIGFOOT FRANKENSTEIN in the story of the great-great-great-whole lotta greats-grandson of Dr. Frankenstein who's hiking through the woods one day and stumbles upon a pile of dead Bigfoots, Bigfeet...uh, Sasquatches. He stitches parts of them together, harnesses the power of lightning and creates a new best pal! The two hit the road in a hears and try to find out who's killing all the Bigfeet!

It's a monthly 5 issue mini-series published by Action Lab Comics. The first issue hits stores in October 2021 and is available for pre-order now from your favorite local comic book shop. And all 5 issues are done so this is an indie comic that will actually *gasp* come out on time!!

Bigfoot Frankenstein #1

See how it all begins! 32 pages of reanimated sasquatchiness! Jude Frankenstein (yes, the descendant of THAT Dr. Frankenstein, you know the one) creates a new best pal and the two embark on a road trip to find the Bigfoot hunters and bring them to justice!

"Sounds like the best thing ever! But how can I get a copy?" you might be asking.

Well, imaginary person I just made up, you can order it straight from Diamond Comic Distribution HERE

Or you can go to your favorite comic shop and have them order it. The Diamond order code is JUL211222

Or you can just Google "Bigfoot Frankenstein Comic" (<- or click that link, I already did it for you, ain't I a sweetie?) and it'll show you a bunch of comic shops to order from like Things From Another World, Black Dragon Comics, Midtown Comics, Timesteam Comics in Canada, Infinity Comics in the U.K., Forbidden Planet also in the U.K., or a bunch of other shops. You know how to internet so get to it!

Bigfoot Frankenstein #2

See how it all continues! In this issue, your new favorite patchwork monster battles The Boogeyman and his giant per wolf-spiders, but will he be able to save all the children? Plus, will more be revealed about the creepy swamp people from Issue #1? All this PLUS and awesome pinup in the back by comic book veteran and legend Derec Donovan!

"Sounds like MORE of the best thing ever! But how can I get a copy?"

Well scroll up a few inches and just do all the stuff I said for Issue 1, mmkay?

Order straight from Diamond HERE

Or order from your favorite local comic shop with Diamond order code AUG211386

Or Google "Bigfoot Frankenstein #2" and blah, blah, blah buncha shops, you know what to do.

Bigfoot Frankenstein #3

See how the action heats up! Big Frank and Jude are tracking down the redneck
Sasquatch hunters who killed all the Bigfeet. But when Frank is caught on TV, the
rednecks bring the fight to him! Plus more Bigfoot Frankenstein pinups by artists
Francesco Iaquinta (RUNES) and Steve Mardo (FANTASTICAL CRIMES UNIT)!

"YAY! But how can I---?"

Order from Diamond HERE

Or from your local shop with Diamond order code SEP211147

Bigfoot Frankenstein #4

See how the fighty fights fight! Learn some dark secrets about the mutant rednecks who are killing all the Bigfoots, witness a huge brawl between pretty much everyone, and marvel at Big Frank...falling in love?!?! Plus more Bigfoot Frankenstein pinups by artists Darryl Knickrehm (THE ARGUS) and Jerome Eyquem (KNOWLEDGE)!

"So can I order from Diamond HERE?"

Yup! Or from your local shop with Diamond code OCT211084

Or Google "Bigfoot Frankenstein #4" Yay!

Bigfoot Frankenstein #5

See how it all ends! (?) The final battle between Bigfoot Frankenstein and Dwight Fry, the immortal redneck who killed the Sasquatches for their magical blood! It all comes down to this - who is more savage: the man-made monster or the man responsible for his death? Only one will walk away! Plus more Bigfoot Frankenstein pinups by artists Amelia Smith

and Keith Grachow (STRANGE CASE)!


Code for your local comic shop: DEC211223

Or, in case you missed it earlier, Google Bigfoot Frankenstein #5. (Though you will get a lot of images of Bigfoot Frankenstein #3's cover because ugh whatever, but it's actually #5 so don't worry. )

Bigfoot Frankenstein: COLOSSUS OF DESTINY

See how it all gets collected into a single book! That's right, all 5 issues in one collectible volume! Perfect for birthdays, holidays, weddings, funerals, and even etc.!


 "Being different is what makes him great!"

   In February 2017 Pelican Publishing released The Littlest Streetcar which I wrote and illustrated. It's the story of Charlie, a small and clunky maintenance streetcar who wants to be like the prettier, more popular streetcars. Through a series of events he realizes that while he might be different from the others, being different is what makes him great!

   Since then I have illustrated several more children's books for various New Orleans authors. These works include picture books, chapter books, and educational materials. They can be found at independent bookstores in New Orleans, your local Barnes & Noble, and on Amazon here.